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“Hope this helps”: You’ve Built a Network…. Please Take Care of It!

Jun 9, 2020 | Hope this Helps

You’ve Built a Network…. Please Take Care of It!

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, you’ll inevitably build a network along the way. It might include professionals within your industry, employers you’ve interviewed with, friends and colleagues, someone you met at a coffee shop, etc. So…. are you keeping track of these relationships so that you can connect with them at a later date? Please keep in mind that eventually you will land, and it could be in your best interest to circle back with everyone that supported you along the way. Let them know where you landed. Maybe punt some thank you notes, or a few phone calls expressing some appreciation, and offer to pay-it-forward. Bottom line…. Take care of your network. You never know, we might be in transition again one day, and maintaining a relationship with your team could be key. One last thing… I remember a colleague of mine, in transition, once said…. “I’ve been canned so many times, they call me ‘Peaches’”! Light heartedness aside, he also told me that he worked hard, and smart, in developing and maintaining a long-term, strong relationship-network. It’s paid off. Hope this helps.