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“Hope this helps”: The 3+ Page Resume… Do you have one of those?

Jul 7, 2020 | Hope this Helps

The 3+ Page Resume… Do you have one of those?

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, the “resume first impression” is key. Last week a colleague of mine requested that I take a glance at his, wait for it….. 6-page resume. Yes, 6 pages. My immediate impression was that it had great content, but it really felt like 10 pounds of potatoes were stuffed into a 5-pound bag. It felt, and looked, way overdone. Although it’s ok to have a lengthier cv, it’s probably not necessary to include everything. (Comments welcome on this of course.) You’ll have the opportunity to balance out your employment history and accomplishments via LinkedIn, with your network, and in-person during interviews. Please keep that balance in mind, have several of your closest colleagues glance at your resume, pull a few potatoes out if necessary, and always keep that thought of first impression at the top of your resume agenda.