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“Hope this Helps”: The Cover Letter – Please Don’t Overdo It

Jan 25, 2021 | Hope this Helps

The Cover Letter – Please Don’t Overdo It

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, a cover letter might be part of the process. It’s certainly a “first impression” opportunity, and recruiters/hiring managers will spend literally seconds reviewing it. So my two cents… keep it brief… and don’t overdo it. Quickly make that connection between who you are, and how you might fit in culturally. Find out what’s important to the organization, and connect the dots. Is it their core values that resonate with you? What value proposition do you potentially bring to the table? Why do you like the organization? (Potentially employers love to hear that you use their products and/services, if applicable.) Keep it to maybe a few sentences, take one last review to ensure it flows, and hit send. Again, keep it simple. Be creative.