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Why Boomer loves Mondays – A Story of Positivity & Persistence

Feb 24, 2021 | From the desk of...

Why Boomer loves Mondays – A Story of Positivity & Persistence

by Bryan Howe

In February 2020 I was packing to go to DC for a Washington Capitals game. Boomer swiftly stole my socks I had dropped on the floor and I chased after him. I caught him and reminded my fiancé Charlotte how nice it would be to have a night away from the “little man”. We left Boomer with Charlotte’s sister and were on our way to DC to enjoy the game.

On the drive home Sunday morning, we received an alarming call that Boomer had not eaten all weekend and was acting sluggish. We rushed home and whisked him to the local Pet ER. After a week of countless tests and visits to three different vet hospitals, Boomer was diagnosed with a very rare bacterial infection in his chest cavity, which was causing his right lung to collapse. He would endure three different procedures, including a five-hour thoracic surgery to open his chest and flush out the bacteria and abscess. Boomer slept in the hospital for six straight nights before he could return home.

After a traumatizing couple of weeks, Boomer settled in at home and we felt so blessed to have him back safe and on the road to recovery. As difficult as it was for our family, Boomer was resilient in keeping his smile and would always wag his tail when we would visit him in his kennel. Although a difficult transition at first, he returned to his normal self just two months later… when he brought my socks out from my room to chew on. 

Soon after this experience,  we were confronted with a global pandemic. Charlotte and I found ourselves  working from home. The upside–it gave us more time to be around Boomer. It was out of this pandemic, pushing us to spend more time together that “Boomer Mondays” was developed.

“Through these unprecedented times, Boomer remains positive. He still plays with his toys, chews his bones, loves his walks, and enjoys the extra time I have to spend  with him. He reminds me every day that positivity is what we all need right now.” – from the first Boomer Monday post.

We felt compelled to share his message of resilience and positivity as we knew he had been through hell when he was fighting his infection. Throughout his illness, Boomer was always smiling, and you would never know the pain he was facing. We were fortunate to be able to be around him as he recovered–even when all he asked for was a head scratch and blanket to sleep on. 

Remaining positive was all that Boomer knew to do. Simplistic in nature, he was a reminder that in a world out of your control, it could be easier to manage with a smile. We did not know at the time the magnitude of the pandemic and its impact on everyone’s lives but felt it paramount to remain positive. 

We wanted to thank everyone for their support of his posts and most of all the dedicated veterinary staff of the Towson Pet+ER and Animal Emergency Hospital in Bel Air for saving Boomer’s life and allowing him to enjoy Mondays and every day. Here we are in February 2021, nearly a year later to the day and with his tail wagging furiously, he reminds us to stay positive.