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“Hope this helps”: A Trusting and Transparent Recruiter Relationship… Own It

Aug 27, 2021 | Hope this Helps

A Trusting and Transparent Recruiter Relationship… Own It

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, your journey is hard work… and a big deal. Along with divulging (at times) a ton of personal/professional information and feeling like you’re always “on”, there are lots of emotions swirling around too. And with those emotions we’re often looking for people we can trust, to help us move our search efforts downfield. You’ll have opportunities to connect with corporate recruiters, and especially professional services (agency) recruiters. Seek to collaborate and partner with the right individuals whom you trust, who care, who have your back. Have they taken the time to sincerely understand your background, what you want to do, and help you connect the dots? Do they truly know your “brand”? Surround yourself with as many transformational experiences as possible (vs. transactional). Don’t be rushed to act on anything. Seek clarity. Don’t let anyone hit the “send” button too soon on your behalf. This is YOUR journey! Please own it. Be creative.