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“Hope this helps”: Break-Ups Are Tough

Aug 27, 2021 | Hope this Helps

Break-Ups Are Tough

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, going through a RIF, a lay-off, or simply being in a professional relationship that doesn’t work out can be really tough. Especially the long-term relationships, like 10+ years. (Although the short-term ones can really sting too.) Coming out of a long-term relationship, I’ve had colleagues say “Where do I start? I’ve been out of the game for so long!” The simple answer to that question is I don’t have one. But, I understand how you feel: a little scared, anxious, maybe a little excited for the new opportunities ahead, or for many of us… deer in headlights. The key is you’re not alone, and please DON’T conduct your search on your own. Dig deep and collaborate with every type of professional in your network, join an Association, get involved in your community somehow, and surround yourself with good people who bring the right value to your journey. Take a positive stand to the break-up, and your professional “reset”. Be creative.