Please, Always Take The High Road and Don’t Take The Goldfish

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, there’s definitely a mix of emotions. Probably some anxiety. Confusion. Ticked-off. Maybe a little relief? And let’s be honest… the one emotion that might hit us first is “ticked-off”. How many of us have ever been asked to pack up our stuff and leave the building? (I’ve been there twice; layoffs.) Yeah, it sucks. All I can say is really keep those emotions in check, and remain as positive as possible throughout your journey. From the time you leave the building through the official landing of your next opportunity, don’t throw anyone or any organization under the bus, offer to provide any additional support to ensure a seamless transition (if applicable), remain insanely professional. Especially in the beginning of your transition… gain POSITIVE MOMENTUM. Simply put, take the high road. And on your way out, please, don’t take the goldfish. Be creative.