Intern of the Week – Madjiguéne Gueye

Apr 6, 2022 | Intern of the Week

CSP Intern of the Week – Madjiguéne Gueye

Today, we get to celebrate Madjiguéne Gueye as CSP’s Intern of the Week. Madji is a Senior Finance Major with a concentration in Financial Analysis at Morgan State University. She is currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Financial Management Specialist on top of working part-time as a Trader Joe’s crew member. Throughout her time serving in the army and going through several trainings, Madji has developed strong leadership, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Expanding upon her solid work ethic, Madji has made the Dean’s List at Morgan State University several times in her academic career with Fall 2021 being the most recent. Madji’s skillset involves a deep understanding of Excel and impressive knowledge of Tableau. In addition, she is continuing to complete her Bloomberg Certification.

Madji best describes her passion for education and finance through her words provided:

“Education is highly important to me because growing up in an African household, it was embedded in me that education is the passport to the future, as Malcom X said. Being the first generation from immigrant parents, I have always been fascinated with how well my parents were able to make the dollar stretch. Which is the main reason why I have a deep passion for Finance.”

Upon graduation, Madji would like to work with Banks, Credit Rating Agencies, Investment Companies, Life Insurance, Accounting Firms, or Security Firms. Prior to her December graduation, Madji is hoping to find an internship that will value her thorough background and enhance her knowledge in these areas to propel her into the professional world she desires. Her anticipated internship dates fall between May 20th – August 31st, 2022 with the flexible locations of DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

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