Meet the Team – Cassidy Eichelberger, Operations & Marketing Manager

Meet Cassidy Eichelberger, Operations and Marketing Manager at CSP. 

A Baltimore native, Cassidy spent most of her childhood on the west coast in Oregon before finishing high school in Ocean City, Maryland. Her bicoastal childhood led her to become an avid road tripper, having visited 31 states across the U.S. Her favorite sights include a beautiful farm in Wyoming and Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.  

Despite her bicoastal childhood and travels, Cassidy felt she ultimately belonged back in Baltimore. “I started my professional career with a brief stint at a recruiting firm but left after to pursue a career more tailored to my major,” shared Cassidy. “Eventually, I came across an opportunity with CSP in Baltimore. I’m thrilled to be able to practice marketing while also leveraging my previous recruiting experience. And to top it off, be a part of a company and brand that my values align with; I knew I had finally found the place where I belong.”

Cassidy planted roots in Baltimore, recently becoming a new homeowner in Brewers Hill.  “I appreciate the continued growth I experience here daily,” said Cassidy. “I’m growing my knowledge and marketing expertise and learning from some of the most talented team members in the industry. When I’m not at work, I’m focused on growing a sustainable lifestyle – from tending to my indoor plants to starting a vegetable garden.” Additionally, Cassidy spends her free time finding ways to give back to her community by providing food for those in need, supporting small businesses, and seeking out volunteer opportunities. 

Before starting her recruiting career, Cassidy earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Salisbury University. She worked her way through college with part-time serving jobs and practiced leadership skills by holding multiple positions in her sorority.