Meet the Team – Kay Calivas

Sep 28, 2022 | Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Kay Calivas, Training & Development Consultant

Meet Kay Calivas, Training and Development Consultant at CSP. 

Kay Calivas brings extensive recruitment, management, and training experience to CSP. As a Training and Development Consultant, Kay’s role is unique. “I am a dedicated resource for new recruiters as well as anyone who seeks my assistance. I don’t know of another local firm that has a training and development person on-site.”  

New hires start their CSP journey with Kay, learning all the stages of recruiting. Once new hire training is complete she continues to mentor them, serving as a foundation for new recruiters. “I believe my role reinforces our approach to the business and our core values and I am a resource for the entire firm.” 

Her ties to the firm date back to her time as a financial services recruiter in Baltimore more than two decades ago. It was here she met Rick Fribush.  Kay’s career path then led her to meet Johnny Black and John Geraghty while managing the flagship office for a startup boutique search firm in Baltimore.  Ultimately all three of CSP’s founders reported to Kay at this firm.  “Looking back it’s serendipitous – Johnny, Rick, and John all reported to me at one point. Once the firm changed its business model we all went our separate ways but stayed in touch. I’m so glad we did because I find it so rewarding to be reconnected with them and bring value to their team. It feels like we never skipped a beat.” 

Her most rewarding experience so far in her role at CSP is watching the team grasp the art of recruiting. “I enjoy teaching the team to be consultative in their approach to the business. Seeing their excitement when they complete a search or simply have a good interaction with a client or candidate brings me so much satisfaction.  It’s about building something great where people respect each other, celebrate success, provide support to get through the failures, and most of all, do the business the right way in an industry often prone to skepticism.” 

When Kay is not supporting the development of CSP team members, she enjoys gardening, working out, and spending time with her family in Baltimore County. Returning to Greece and Alaska is on her bucket list, as well as booking a trip to the Olympics.