Meet the Team – Wilma Brockington-Parker

Oct 26, 2022 | Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Wilma Brockington-Parker, Consultant and Executive Coach

Meet Wilma Brockington-Parker, Consultant and Executive Coach at CSP.

Native Marylander Wilma Brockington-Parker brings her extensive corporate background in human resources and executive/professional coaching to CSP. Her role encompasses a variety of activities supporting clients including training/development, team building, employee mediation, and coaching. As a certified professional coach, her role helps others grow professionally and personally.  “Each of us has the inherent ability to soar. It’s a matter of identifying what’s important, making a plan, having the right support systems, and finally the courage to make it happen. As a coach, I provide interactions supporting actions to succeed.“

Wilma joined CSP in 2020 to support career transition clients. Partner, Practice Director – Human Resources, Jason Nemoy, saw an opportunity to expand CSP’s client offerings to include executive and professional coaching.  “I marveled at the opportunity to support clients with coaching. I often think about the quote, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I truly live this quote on a daily basis.”

So far, one of Wilma’s most rewarding experiences in her role at CSP has been creating team-building and training activities for various clients resulting in self-discovery, accountability, and results. “I thrive on helping individuals and teams grow and be better.  I enjoy helping others set goals and take steps towards what they’d like differently. Nothing happens overnight. It is a process. It is critical to do the work and trust the process.  I enjoy being a thought partner to help others achieve their goals”.

Outside of supporting CSP clients, Wilma enjoys spending time with her family and friends, writing (she’s authored three books and wrote four short plays), line dancing, beach vacations, and crocheting compassion blankets for breast cancer patients.