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Serving Veterans: CSP Volunteers with Catch A Lift

Apr 19, 2023 | Community Connections

Serving Veterans: CSP Volunteers with Catch A Lift

Recently, members of the CSP team volunteered at a Catch A Lift event as part of our Community Connections program. Catch A Lift is a national non-profit that lifts spirits and saves lives, providing U.S. military combat veterans with an array of holistic and practical methods to heal the whole person—mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Alongside people from all walks of life and a variety of companies, our team put together gift bags for new members of Catch A Lift. Members are combat-injured veterans who are finding new focus and energy by instilling a new, thoughtful, and healthy lifestyle founded on four core pillars: Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional Wellness, and Community. The gift bags were full of items that support this renewed lifestyle, from an inspiring book written by a Sergeant who was also speaking at an upcoming event, to giveaways, t-shirts, and more. 

Kay Calivas, one of the CSP team members volunteering at the event shared, “The stories we heard from volunteers and those shared on the Wall of Heroes were heartbreaking but also inspiring. These experiences have lasting effects on heroes and their families. If filling a bag with items can show we value them and we remember them, it’s a very simple but important way to give back.”  

Mentors, coaches, and veteran leaders adapt Catch a Lift’s programs to accommodate the individual abilities, attitudes, and aspirations of members. Finding a personal purpose is the Catch A Lift cure for addiction, dangerous weight gain, and debilitating depression. By fostering a commitment to forward movement and getting better every day, renewing personal energy, and choosing to join and serve a broader community, wounded vets find life-saving purposes that they share with others.

Catch A Lift was founded in memory of Cpl. Christopher Coffland, U.S. ARMY. who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. Chris’ phrase, “I’m gonna catch a lift,” indicated he was heading to the gym, but more importantly, it meant he was going to get centered, refocused, and re-energized.

To date, Catch A Lift has funded more than 8,600 wellness grants, providing a real, practical, and profound impact to thousands of veterans and caregivers.

Our team will continue to volunteer with Catch A Lift. If you’re interested in supporting the organization too, visit to learn more.