Meet the Team – Kate Strzelczyk

Sep 28, 2023 | Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Kate Strzelczyk

Meet Kate Strzelczyk, Senior Search Consultant – Real Estate & Financial Services Practice at CSP.

Kate brings over two decades of experience building relationships, helping businesses thrive, and guiding professionals toward their goals. She is passionate about connecting talent with opportunity and shaping the future of organizations and careers.

As a Senior Search Consultant, Kate thrives in overcoming the daily challenges and enjoys the variety the role offers. “I embrace juggling multiple projects, problem-solving, and making meaningful connections. It’s the perfect mix that keeps me motivated, engaged, and constantly growing professionally.”

When asked why she chose to join CSP, Kate shared, “I admire CSP’s stellar reputation, strong organizational structure, and collaborative culture. Also, I believe my background in executive finance recruiting brings value to CSP’s RE&FS practice and will ultimately support continued growth within the organization.” 

Professionally, Kate finds great satisfaction in nurturing relationships with clients and candidates. She takes pride in understanding her clients’ businesses, learning about their successes and challenges, and helping them craft compelling job descriptions. For candidates, she focuses on understanding their goals and how the next step in their career can help them achieve those aspirations. Kate aims to become a trusted advisor in her professional relationships, a goal she finds immensely rewarding.

Hailing from Towson, Kate continues to reside in the area with her blended family of ten. With two teenagers in high school, weekends in the Strzelczyk household are a dynamic whirlwind of activity and togetherness. The Strzelczyk clan shares a deep-rooted affection for Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a favorite destination for family getaways. Their shared love for the outdoors transcends into various activities, including swimming, golf, tennis, and the family’s latest collective passion – pickleball.

Kate’s anticipation for the holiday season each year is palpable. She immerses herself in cherished traditions, such as stringing Christmas lights, decorating the tree, baking cookies, constructing intricate gingerbread houses, and watching classic Christmas movies together as a family. Beyond the holidays, Kate and her husband, Jeff, enjoy taking annual trips to Charleston and Naples, and their shared love for the Caribbean has created many treasured memories.