Intern of the Week – Daniel Balakhani

Apr 24, 2024 | Intern of the Week


Meet Daniel, a junior at Towson University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies. He is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2025.

Daniel is actively seeking a 2024 internship in Baltimore, Maryland, that is focused on Business, Marketing, and/or Communications. He found his coursework in Writing in Business and Industry, Business and Professional Communication, Event Planning, Research Methods, and Public Speaking particularly engaging. He believes these classes have prepared him well for a future internship. He sees an internship as the ideal opportunity to steer him toward his true career path and enhance his understanding of the real-world professional landscape.

Last year, Daniel gained experience in Marketing and Membership Engagement at a Country Club, where he learned to attract, retain, and analyze member satisfaction, furthering his interest in real-world marketing and communications.

Daniel possesses a diverse skill set, including communication, marketing, customer service, research, event planning, and leadership. However, his standout skill is public speaking. He has honed his ability to deliver impactful speeches with clarity, confidence, and precision, often crafting and delivering compelling presentations for colleagues and classmates alike.

If you have any marketing, communications, or business internship opportunities available this year, please reach out to Daniel at

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