Intern of the Week – Vivien Jones

May 22, 2024 | Intern of the Week


Meet Vivien, a junior at George Washinton University, School of Business, on track to graduate in Spring 2025. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with a concentration in Marketing and an Economics minor.

Vivien is hoping to gain practical experience this summer by securing a hands-on internship, preferably in Washington D.C. or New York City, in investor relations, equity research, asset management, and/or wealth management.

Her interest in these industries grew from a variety of college courses she considered her favorites, such as: Investment Portfolio Management, Intermediate Microeconomics, Economics Development, Financial Statement Analysis, and Management Accounting Control Systems. Vivien hopes to enhance her skills in these areas to amply prepare her for a career in finance.

Vivien served as a Business Leader Development Mentor at George Washington University, assisting professors in facilitating the professional growth of first-year students. Through personalized guidance, open communication, and active participation in the program, she fostered a positive learning environment. Vivien found her role to be quite gratifying because it aligned with her passion for mentoring and interest in shaping company culture, marking it as one of her proudest achievements as an undergraduate student.

Vivien worked as a CIO Intern at Stifel in New York City, where she assisted in creating investment reports and presentations using their asset allocation model to provide market trend insights. Additionally, she conducted macroeconomic research for the CIO office to improve equity evaluation for their Choice portfolio. When Vivien was tasked with developing Stifel Bits, the company newsletter, her deep understanding of the industry proved to be essential in conveying market updates effectively. Her internship at Stifel equipped her with practical skills that will make her a valuable asset to any future employer.

If you know of a summer internship opportunity in investor relations, equity research, asset management, and/or wealth management, please contact Vivien at

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