From the Desk of Matt Levin – What to Look for in a Professional Search Firm?

By Matt Levin – Assistant Practice Director, Engineering & Operations Practice

Following his recent promotion to Assistant Practice Director within our Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Operations practice, we asked Matt Levin to sit down and get granular about what clients should be looking for in a search firm. Coming from a subject matter expert like himself, he provided us with a considerable amount of insightful information. Congratulations Matt!

As a company looking to expand your talent pool and build your team, what should you look for in a professional search firm?

Our team at CSP takes pride in our relationships with clients and candidates alike. We often share the same values and we uphold the belief in doing things the right way. It is our goal to find candidates and clients who are aligned by qualifications and corporate culture. We are an extension of our clients and candidates, therefore, we must represent both in the best possible way. 

CSP is a professional search firm with a unique trait – we provide recruiting capabilities in four primary verticals and partner with our clients to fully understand their hiring and staffing needs.  For example, I focus on Engineering and Operations – supporting mainly manufacturing, distribution, logistics and engineering firms.

Simply put, a company should be seeking a consultative, and relationship-driven search firm that genuinely believes in a collaborative partnership. Leveraging more than a decade of experience in professional recruiting, here are four key areas I recommend companies in any industry look for when selecting a professional search firm. 

A Consultative Approach

A professional recruiter must be able to build a relationship with several decision-makers within a client’s organization – from the hiring managers to leadership to staff. This way, they truly understand the business, the culture, the organization chart, the role, and the expectation for future hires. Additionally, they will invest the time to partner with the client to discuss the search – pitfalls, market perception, market conditions and status of the search.  

Throughout the process, a professional recruiter should act as a consultant to the client with regard to all aspects of the search in an effort to find the best candidate for their position. It is worth mentioning that, at CSP our team is referred to as “Search Consultants.”  We believe that this is a better reflection of how we approach the business.

The ideal situation is when a client works exclusively with one search firm. In an exclusive arrangement, the client only works with one firm to identify talent.  This provides value to the search firm because they have established a business partnership and from the client’s perspective, it makes it easier to manage the search, especially when the client isn’t managing calls, emails, and resumes from multiple firms. 

Knowledge of the market

Each industry and market has its own characteristics, which is why it’s important for a recruiter to have expertise in that space. Recently, we worked with a client to source talent for a role that required specific experience. In this region, that type of experience in that industry is not as prevalent as it is in other areas.  After doing our due diligence, we collaborated with our client to discuss the current market. We agreed that we needed to modify our search efforts and seek talent outside of the region.


A professional recruitment partner must consistently provide feedback on what the market is offering and how the search is going. Time cannot be wasted on hoping to find a candidate in a pool that does not exist. Additionally, transparency about the company and position is essential – both the benefits and the challenges that come with it. This level of candor will help narrow down the right candidate who will then ultimately be positioned for success. 

A partner, not a vendor

Seek out a partner, not a vendor relationship. If your recruiter spends 15 minutes on a kick-off call and sets out to work, that is not a great sign of a true partnership. Having a partner is about being able to listen and learn about what a company needs and wants, investing the time, and then determining how to help guide and steer the search with a collaborative approach. 


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our approach and how we can be a resource and partner to your firm.

Meet the Team – Mark Ledvinka, Search Consultant 

Meet Mark Ledvinka, Search Consultant Accounting & Finance Practice

A native of St. Mary’s County, MD, where, everyone knows everyone, Mark cherishes developing family-like relationships and all that comes with a tight-knit community. “Building my career in the Baltimore area is a tremendous experience for me because of the tight-knit nature that mirrors my own hometown.” 

In 2021, Mark focused on his passion for helping people and building community and began his career in recruiting at CSP.

“I knew that when I entered the workforce, I wanted to create and foster the types of relationships and community that I grew up with in my personal life. As a recruiter, my role is heavily dependent on developing connections and building relationships and I am fortunate to work towards that goal every single day.” 

Establishing a strong and reliable personal brand has always been a priority for Mark. When he selected his college major, he set out to accomplish just that. Obtaining degrees in both Marketing and Professional Sales at Salisbury University, he was able to learn some of the most valuable skillsets in life: communication and building rapport.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Mark enjoys all things sports, especially attending sporting events with friends. He also values his family and spends as much time with them as possible, especially with a little one coming in October 2022! 

Meet the Team – Hannah Weiss, Search Consultant

Meet Hannah Weiss, Search Consultant – Human Resources Practice.   

Hannah’s ties to Chesapeake Search Partners date back several years. “It was almost inevitable that I would land a role with the firm. From growing up with Johnny Black to being a job candidate, a contractor, and now, an internal recruiter with CSP, it seemed as if fate led me to where I was supposed to be,” said Hannah. 

After graduating from UVA, Hannah began her professional career in Sales in Washington, D.C. A few years into her role, she craved a change and connected with a recruiting agency to learn about new opportunities in the region. After collaborating with her recruiter, Hannah realized she loved the experience and inquired about a role at the recruiting agency. She was hired by the firm, which launched her new career in recruiting. Hannah now brings more than seven years of recruiting experience to CSP in both agency and corporate recruitment environments. 

“I realized I love the consultative side of recruiting and helping candidates find their next best role. I consider myself a ‘matchmaker’ and believe the best approach when working with both candidates and clients is to be transparent and genuine. Trust is key, and I see that my CSP colleagues share the same values.”

A Baltimore native, Hannah enjoys live music, especially jam bands and bluegrass festivals.  She frequently travels to Maine as well as the Delaware Beaches – she was recently married to her husband Louey in Rehoboth Beach surrounded by an intimate group of family and close friends. Hannah is excited about her future in Baltimore where she plans to raise a family with a farm, garden, and dogs.

Intern of the Week – Myles Sefret

Happy Wednesday all! Today, we get the pleasure of wrapping up our first Intern of the Week series with Myles Sefret.

Myles is a hard-working, reliable, rising sophomore at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Equipped with a major in Business Administration, Myles is on the lookout for an internship that will take him in for the Summer of 2022.

Myles is in a unique position because he is open any internship that will help expose him to all facets of business. The ideal internship will inspire him and assist him in expanding upon his interest in the Finance industry. Although not looking for anything too specific, Myles’ strengths lie in networking and his proficiency with numbers and mathematics.

During his time at the University of Michigan, Myles exercises his work ethic as a Cashier at a local Pizza spot. In this role, he is able to apply his mathematical, customer service, and business administration skills outside of his time at university.

Please share Myles’ Resume with your networks to help him find an internship between May 23rd – August 12th in Baltimore, MD.

If you have the internship that will be beneficial towards Myles’ professional development, please contact him directly at

Click here to view Myles’ Resume

CSP Intern of the Week – Eric Pacheco

Eric Pacheco is a notable third-year student at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business and Management in Baltimore. He is expected to graduate in May 2023 with a double Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Economics and Finance.

Upon his graduation, Eric is hoping to secure a career that works closely with financial markets and analyzes investment opportunities as well as associated risks. Specifically, he is interested in the status of the economy as it is recovering from COVID-19 and the long-term impact that the pandemic will have on society and financial markets. His main professional goal is to help as many institutions, corporations, and individuals as possible in their pursuit of financial security and the management of their financials.

In addition to his professional goals, Eric is a member of Loyola’s division one men’s lacrosse team. Dedicating upwards of 30 hours per week to team functions, he has also devoted a substantial amount of time to his academics and has made the Dean’s list every semester. Through his lacrosse experiences, he has gained knowledge about leadership, teamwork, and competitiveness that gives him a competitive edge to be a successful member of a company and team. Eric values his involvement with the community; therefore, he would like to work for a firm whose principles align with his own.

Prior to entering the workforce, Eric is on the search for an internship in the Baltimore/D.C. area for the summer of 2022, precisely between early June to mid-end of August. We ask that you please share his resume with your network to help Eric find the internship that will align best with his professional development.

If you have the ideal internship that satisfies Eric’s goals, reach out to him at

Thank you for your continued assistance in helping these young professionals connect with internship opportunities!

Click here to see Eric’s Resume