CSP Intern of the Week – Madjiguéne Gueye

Today, we get to celebrate Madjiguéne Gueye as CSP’s Intern of the Week. Madji is a Senior Finance Major with a concentration in Financial Analysis at Morgan State University. She is currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Financial Management Specialist on top of working part-time as a Trader Joe’s crew member. Throughout her time serving in the army and going through several trainings, Madji has developed strong leadership, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Expanding upon her solid work ethic, Madji has made the Dean’s List at Morgan State University several times in her academic career with Fall 2021 being the most recent. Madji’s skillset involves a deep understanding of Excel and impressive knowledge of Tableau. In addition, she is continuing to complete her Bloomberg Certification.

Madji best describes her passion for education and finance through her words provided:

“Education is highly important to me because growing up in an African household, it was embedded in me that education is the passport to the future, as Malcom X said. Being the first generation from immigrant parents, I have always been fascinated with how well my parents were able to make the dollar stretch. Which is the main reason why I have a deep passion for Finance.”

Upon graduation, Madji would like to work with Banks, Credit Rating Agencies, Investment Companies, Life Insurance, Accounting Firms, or Security Firms. Prior to her December graduation, Madji is hoping to find an internship that will value her thorough background and enhance her knowledge in these areas to propel her into the professional world she desires. Her anticipated internship dates fall between May 20th – August 31st, 2022 with the flexible locations of DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.

Share this dedicated, hard-working, dependable young professional with your network or if you have the internship that will support Madji’s professional development, reach out to her at maadji98@gmail.com.

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Meet the Team – Rick Fribush, Partner, Practice Director

Meet Rick Fribush, CSP Co-founder, Managing Partner and Practice Director – Accounting and Finance. 

Rick began his career as a CPA in public/corporate accounting. A few years into his role, he realized that his passion was focused more on building relationships and helping accountants develop their careers. He eventually transitioned into the recruiting side of the industry and has been focused on recruiting for accounting and finance roles in the mid-Atlantic region for the last 25 years.

“I am guided by two core beliefs in my career. The journey in career and life is a marathon, not a sprint. And doing business the right way is by always doing what I believe in my heart is best for the candidate.” 

Rick has helped countless people to navigate their careers and has enjoyed watching them grow from young accountants to C-Suite roles. Today he leads a team of professionals at CSP who are helping to support the next generation of CFOs navigate their career paths. 

No matter Rick’s role professionally, family is always his number one priority.  He married his high school sweetheart, Hope, 28 years ago and together they have sons Alec and Brett and a daughter Jillian.  “My parents are my biggest role model – they have been married for more than 58 years. I’ve learned from their relationship that it’s about the company you are with and not where you are. Having the opportunity to watch my kids grow into adults, and balance a career that enables me to spend ample time with them–from traveling to watching sports, and going out to dinners–has been the most rewarding experience.”

Outside of work and family, Rick enjoys working out, golfing, spending time with friends, and eating meals out as often as possible – especially from new restaurants.

Intern of the Week Alert! – Jarrod Stebick

Jarrod Stebick is a deeply accomplished 3rd year student at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. He is expected to graduate in May 2023 with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Cyber Security with a minor in Data Science.

Jarrod is recognized for not only making the Dean’s List three semesters in a row, but also making the President’s List, Mount St. Mary’s Honors Program, joining the International Honor Society for Computing and Information, as well as being elected Treasurer of the Cyber Defense Club. In addition to his scholarly accomplishments, Jarrod received his Eagle Scout Award in 2016.

He is proficient in popular programming languages such as Java, Python, Javascript, PHP, and HTML. To further his technical background, Jarrod has experience with Elastic Stack and Kibana Software, as well as PowerBI, and Microsoft PowerApps. I’m sure one can surmise that Jarrod is indeed a problem solver, but additionally has years of interpersonal communication experience to complement his technical background.

Jarrod’s professional interests lie in the process of creating tools and software that can improve an environment in a technical, visual, or security area. He is eager to learn new skills to ultimately apply them to his future profession, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence or machine learning. Finding a summer internship between the dates of June 6th – August 12th, 2022 that can enhance his knowledge in these areas would be most beneficial in helping him develop his professional career. Jarrod is open to any location in the United States, with preferences in Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland areas.

Share this superstar with your network or contact Jarrod directly at jarrodstebick@gmail.com to inquire about adding him to your team!

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For this week’s Intern of the Week, Makena Stoller is in the spotlight!

Makena is a well-rounded student at the College of Charleston School of Business in South Carolina. She is expected to graduate in 2023 with her Bachelor of Science in Finance. Upon her graduation, Makena is hoping to secure a job in the private side of Finance, Wealth Management,  or Portfolio Management. Her internship experience at Brown Advisory in Baltimore, Maryland has her well prepared to fulfill her goals.

Prior to entering the workforce, Makena is seeking an internship for the Summer of 2022 in her college city of Charleston, SC between the dates of May 31st – August 19th. In her desired internship, she will utilize her Microsoft Office Skills, expand upon her entrepreneurial capabilities, focus on her analytical skills, and prepare for a fulfilling career in the Finance field.

We ask that you please share Makena’s resume with your networks in hopes to find her the internship that will propel her to the next level of developing her career. If you have the ideal internship that satisfies Makena’s objectives, reach out to her here: stollermj@g.cofc.edu

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CSP’s Intern of the Week goes out to Garret Brennan 

Garret is currently an MBA student at Clemson University who previously graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Finance. During his time in Clemson undergrad, Garret focused his studies on Corporate Finance while also furthering his knowledge in Real Estate Finance. In addition to being dedicated to his work, Garret accomplished being named an All American after leading the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association as a top-scoring attack man.

Professionally, he is highly skilled in using Excel, demonstrating time management, being detail oriented, and effectively communicating with a team.

Garret is looking to find a Summer 2022 internship during the dates of May 31st – August 5th where he can further his knowledge in Financial Analytics, Real Estate Investment, and/or Corporate Finance.

Contact garretbrennan17@gmail.com if you believe you have the internship that will be beneficial towards his professional development.

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