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BALTIMORE, MD (April 21, 2021)— Chesapeake Search Partners (CSP), a professional search and consulting firm, today announces the promotion of Bryan Howe and Patrick Fitzgerald to Senior Search Consultants. Howe will be responsible for growing the Real Estate & Financial Services practice under the direction of Johnny Black, while Patrick will be focused on growth for the Accounting & Finance practice under the direction of Rick Fribush. 

When Bryan joined CSP in 2019, he brought two years of recruiting and business development experience to the firm having specialized in professional services, accounting and finance. Bryan began his career in Charleston, South Carolina as a Business Development Specialist and Logistics Broker with the Allen Lund Company after graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration and minor in Economics from the College of Charleston. 

“We are thrilled to promote Bryan to Senior Search Consultant,” said Johnny Black, Founding Member and Partner, Real Estate & Financial Services Practice, CSP. “Since joining the firm nearly two years ago, Bryan’s hard work and passion have resulted in the growth of one of CSP’s newer practices while also bringing value and perspective to our firm’s corporate marketing efforts. I’m confident that his new role will position him to drive continued growth and collaborative, engaged relationships with our clients and candidates.”

Patrick has been a search consultant with CSP since graduating from Towson University in 2014 with a B.S. in Communication Studies. As CSP’s first full-time hire, Patrick has grown his role over the last five years from a general recruiter to a specialized focus on growing the firm’s core Accounting & Finance practice alongside Partners Rick Fribush and John Geraghty. 

“Patrick’s promotion is well-deserved and his dedication and hard work have set him on a tremendous path for career growth here at CSP,” said Rick Fribush, Founding Member and Partner, Accounting & Finance Practice at CSP. “We’re confident that Bryan and Patrick will both be amazing mentors, helping to develop new hires as we continue to grow our key practice areas.” 


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About Chesapeake Search Partners 

Chesapeake Search Partners (CSP) is a professional search and consulting firm that focuses on placement in Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Real Estate and Financial Services, and Sales, Marketing and Operations. Focused on client growth and planning for the future, CSP’s unique, relationship-driven approach leverages industry experts who understand the process of identifying the right skill set for each position. The result is matching talented professionals who have the ability to meet and exceed a client’s organizational needs. For more information, visit

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This Maryland Day CSP Makes History with Bagels

Today is Maryland Day, an official observance to honor Maryland history. To celebrate, the Founding Partners of the CSP team enjoyed a Maryland-themed bagel brunch thanks to a special delivery from our neighborhood bagel shop, THB Bagelry & Deli.

While it seems so simple–bagels and coffee in our office–it’s really the first time we have done this in several months. So in a way, we made history this Maryland day with our first “mini” in-office team breakfast.

While enjoying New York-style bagels, we got to discussing the great “return to the office” debate many companies are facing right now. Our team connects with experienced job candidates and successful small to mid-size companies every day, so it was interesting to talk about the perspectives candidates and companies have been sharing with our team members.

Here are just a few of the insights and predictions that came up during our brunch–from the future of in-office requirements, to reopening timelines. The one factor that resonated throughout was the need for flexibility.

The current landscape: remote work vs in-office  

We are seeing a pretty even split between in-office versus remote work requirements today, with many workplaces having adopted a hybrid model as well.

In regard to company expectations of remote work moving forward, we’re seeing some take a firm stance, requiring on-site work full-time and limited flexibility, which has ultimately limited their candidate pool. Clients who are requiring 100% on-site work but allow greater flexibility versus having a blanket policy for the whole organization are seeing more interest from a broader candidate pool for open positions.

From the candidate perspective, the majority want the opportunity to find an operating rhythm that works best for them and have the support of the organization they work for to do so. Even if they are not satisfied with their current role, many are staying put as a result of uncertainty about what a new company may require them to do when things open up. Even if a new role allows them to begin remote, they are not sure about future shifts to in-office requirements.

Reopening timeline

We are seeing the timeline of reopening offices be based predominantly on size and perception. Small to mid-size privately held organizations appear to be on a faster timeline, with some of those organizations having already reopened for normal business hours. It appears that the majority of these organizations will have put some type of reopening procedures in place by the beginning of Q3 at the latest. For larger and most likely public companies, they seem to have a much longer reopening plan in place, extending till beginning of Q4 if not January of 2022. While the health and wellbeing of employees remains priority, companies are using this time to evaluate their office space for the foreseeable future. Do they need less space or more space? Do you have a traditional office layout or more open space?

Flexibility is key

Some candidates are adamant about remaining remote and will not consider an opportunity if it requires in-office work. Meanwhile, we hear others miss the collaboration and interaction and are eager to get back into the office.

More often than not though, most candidates want some level of flexibility to work from home a few days a week or adjust their schedule to meet personal obligations such as virtual learning for their kids or care for an elderly family member, or simply they have found themselves to be more productive when they are working from home with less office distractions. If a candidate has flexibility in their current role and a new opportunity doesn’t offer it, they’re more likely to opt to stay in their current role to maintain that flexibility.

Companies that prioritize flexibility will see the greatest opportunity in terms of candidates who want to work there, and employees who want to stay. As we saw in the market in the past decade with healthcare benefits and costs being evaluated by candidates considering a move, we are now seeing remote work flexibility being another aspect of evaluation for a potential career move.

 We’ll continue to keep up the dialogue around workplace expectations and employee values when it comes to how and where they work.  And for those wondering, our own office is in a flexible state right now, which is why you don’t see all of our team members enjoying bagels today. When it’s all said and done, CSP will continue to offer a hybrid work schedule with some in-office team meetings expected.



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BALTIMORE, March 2, 2021Chesapeake Search Partners (CSP) today announced that the Baltimore Business Journal has ranked the company among the top Professional Search and Temporary Staffing Firms in the region. CSP ranked No. 8 in the Professional Search category based on the number of placements and clients in the region. The Temporary Staffing category, which ranked CSP at No. 16, was determined by the average number of temps working per week, as well as local staff and percentage of temp-to-hire.

“We are proud to be named among the top professional search and temporary staffing firms in the Baltimore region,” shared Rick Fribush, Partner and Practice Director at Chesapeake Search Partners. “This recognition is a direct result of the passion and effort our team puts in day in and day out to establish and grow relationships with amazing businesses, partners, and candidates. And their success is our success–we truly look forward to continuing to create meaningful impact.

The Baltimore Business Journal’s Book of Lists represents a ranking of regional companies in various categories according to key metrics such as the number of employees, company revenue, and the number of clients, among other factors. To learn more about the Book of Lists, visit

About Chesapeake Search Partners 

Chesapeake Search Partners (CSP) is a professional search and consulting firm that focuses on placement in Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Real Estate and Financial Services, and Sales, Marketing, and Operations. Focused on client growth and planning for the future, CSP’s unique, relationship-driven approach leverages industry experts who understand the process of identifying the right skill set for each position. The result is matching talented professionals who have the ability to meet and exceed a client’s organizational needs. For more information, visit



Meet the Team – Cam Shinaberry, Practice Director – Sales, Marketing, Engineering, & Operations

Meet Cameron Shinaberry.  Cam has been in the recruiting and HR space since 2003.  He started his career at Aerotek where he worked for over 7 years, primarily in sales and management.  Prior to joining CSP he led HR, IT, and administrative efforts as a member of the Executive team at Blueprint Robotics.  His entire career has been either on the agency side or corporate side working in the manufacturing & construction sectors.

Cameron believes in building strong relationships and trust with both the customers and the candidates.  Having seen people do it the wrong way he believes in always providing a valued service the right way.  His eagerness to continue to grow the business and move in a positive direction has built a natural sense of urgency.  Internally, it is about treating all your fellow employees equally.  The ability for CSP to grow will depend on our ability to bring talented individuals on-board and assimilate them to the culture and train them to be integral members of the team.

Cameron grew up and now currently lives in Severna Park, MD.  He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting & Information Systems.  He currently lives with his wife Sarah, another Severna Park native and their two children, Cole (10) and Emery (8).  When not working you can find him on his boat on the Severn River or helping to coach his son’s soccer team.

Why Boomer loves Mondays – A Story of Positivity & Persistence

by Bryan Howe

In February 2020 I was packing to go to DC for a Washington Capitals game. Boomer swiftly stole my socks I had dropped on the floor and I chased after him. I caught him and reminded my fiancé Charlotte how nice it would be to have a night away from the “little man”. We left Boomer with Charlotte’s sister and were on our way to DC to enjoy the game.

On the drive home Sunday morning, we received an alarming call that Boomer had not eaten all weekend and was acting sluggish. We rushed home and whisked him to the local Pet ER. After a week of countless tests and visits to three different vet hospitals, Boomer was diagnosed with a very rare bacterial infection in his chest cavity, which was causing his right lung to collapse. He would endure three different procedures, including a five-hour thoracic surgery to open his chest and flush out the bacteria and abscess. Boomer slept in the hospital for six straight nights before he could return home.

After a traumatizing couple of weeks, Boomer settled in at home and we felt so blessed to have him back safe and on the road to recovery. As difficult as it was for our family, Boomer was resilient in keeping his smile and would always wag his tail when we would visit him in his kennel. Although a difficult transition at first, he returned to his normal self just two months later… when he brought my socks out from my room to chew on. 

Soon after this experience,  we were confronted with a global pandemic. Charlotte and I found ourselves  working from home. The upside–it gave us more time to be around Boomer. It was out of this pandemic, pushing us to spend more time together that “Boomer Mondays” was developed.

“Through these unprecedented times, Boomer remains positive. He still plays with his toys, chews his bones, loves his walks, and enjoys the extra time I have to spend  with him. He reminds me every day that positivity is what we all need right now.” – from the first Boomer Monday post.

We felt compelled to share his message of resilience and positivity as we knew he had been through hell when he was fighting his infection. Throughout his illness, Boomer was always smiling, and you would never know the pain he was facing. We were fortunate to be able to be around him as he recovered–even when all he asked for was a head scratch and blanket to sleep on. 

Remaining positive was all that Boomer knew to do. Simplistic in nature, he was a reminder that in a world out of your control, it could be easier to manage with a smile. We did not know at the time the magnitude of the pandemic and its impact on everyone’s lives but felt it paramount to remain positive. 

We wanted to thank everyone for their support of his posts and most of all the dedicated veterinary staff of the Towson Pet+ER and Animal Emergency Hospital in Bel Air for saving Boomer’s life and allowing him to enjoy Mondays and every day. Here we are in February 2021, nearly a year later to the day and with his tail wagging furiously, he reminds us to stay positive.