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BALTIMORE, MD (February 3, 2021)— Chesapeake Search Partners (CSP), a professional search and consulting firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Cameron Shinaberry as Director, Sales Marketing and Operations Practice. Shinaberry, who will also join the firm’s Executive Leadership Team, will be responsible for overseeing and growing CSP’s Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Operations (SMEO) Practice. He will also bring on a strong client portfolio in the engineering, manufacturing, and construction sectors. CSP Search Consultant, Jen Schneider, will report to Shinaberry.

“I am thrilled to announce the addition of Cameron Shinaberry to our team at Chesapeake Search Partners. As Director for our SMO practice, Cameron will play a pivotal role in the operational growth of our firm,” said Johnny Black, Founding Member and Partner, Chesapeake Search Partners. “CSP is dedicated to providing a collaborative and engaged recruitment partnership with our clients, which requires a keen style and approach, which Cameron embodies. I’m confident his experience as a Corporate HR and Recruiting Practitioner paired with his strong agency recruiting background will take CSP’s SMO Practice to the next level.”

Bringing more than 18 years of recruitment and hiring expertise to the team, Shinaberry previously was the Director of HR and Administration at Blueprint Robotics where he launched a formal HR function and developed a recruitment process that led to the hiring of more than 250 employees over four years. A member of the company’s Executive Team, he helped lead Blueprint’s organizational design, culture creation, and overall HR strategy implementation.

“I am excited to join CSP not only because of the opportunity to leverage my background to make an impact on the firm’s growth but because of the people. The firm has a dynamic culture and shares the same vision that I have—to foster relationships and provide a value-added service that our clients can not accomplish on their own,” shared Cameron Shinaberry.

Upon receiving his B.S. in Accounting and Information Systems from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Shinaberry began his career at Aerotek, where he spent seven years in sales and management. He then held the role of North American Director of Talent Management at Williams Scotsman where he created an internal recruiting team that eliminated 90% of staffing costs and developed a performance management platform that was rolled out globally within the organization. Shinaberry also led multiple facets of HR, including talent acquisition, performance management and employee relations as the Director of HR at Coastal Sunbelt Produce.

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About Chesapeake Search Partners
Chesapeake Search Partners (CSP) is a professional search and consulting firm that focuses on placement in Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Real Estate and Financial Services, and Sales, Marketing and Operations. Focused on client growth and planning for the future, CSP’s unique, relationship-driven approach leverages industry experts who understand the process of identifying the right skill set for each position. The result is matching talented professionals who have the ability to meet and exceed a client’s organizational needs. For more information, visit
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The Cover Letter – Please Don’t Overdo It

by Jason Nemoy

For those that are in transition, a cover letter might be part of the process. It’s certainly a “first impression” opportunity, and recruiters/hiring managers will spend literally seconds reviewing it. So my two cents… keep it brief… and don’t overdo it. Quickly make that connection between who you are, and how you might fit in culturally. Find out what’s important to the organization, and connect the dots. Is it their core values that resonate with you? What value proposition do you potentially bring to the table? Why do you like the organization? (Potentially employers love to hear that you use their products and/services, if applicable.) Keep it to maybe a few sentences, take one last review to ensure it flows, and hit send. Again, keep it simple. Be creative.



Meet the Team – John Geraghty, Partner, Director of Recruiting Operations

Meet John Geraghty. John, one of the founding members of Chesapeake Search Partners, is entering his 14th year in the Recruiting industry. In 2008 John started with Stephen James Associates doing Accounting & Finance recruiting and he has remained in that vertical his entire career. John co-leads the practice with Rick Fribush and his particular focus is on candidate development and sourcing for our clients while perfecting CSP’s recruiting processes.

John’s approach to the business has always been and will continue to be relationship based. Developing and nurturing strong connections with both clients and candidates has been the key to his and CSP’s success. He has a relentless attitude to keep searching and never settle until the best possible match can be found. “We are not in a volume numbers game. We truly enjoy partnering with our clients and candidates to find the best fit for both parties to ensure successful long-term placements and relationships.”

As a native of Baltimore, John knows how strong relationships and connections are in “Smaltimore”. He is a second-generation Calvert Hall graduate where he played for their championship soccer program. Beyond Baltimore John attended JMU and lived in Italy, Japan, and Hawaii while also travelling internationally to attend Soccer World Cups in Japan, Germany, South Africa, and Brazil. John now resides in Glen Arm with his wife Suzanne and his 3 boys Finn (8), Connor (6), and Jack (1).

Employee Engagement, Company Culture and Leadership Survey Results

Over the last three months, we surveyed our network of employers, job seekers, and professionals about topics that are pertinent to today’s market. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we’re taking time to reflect, summarize the learnings, and share how we plan to leverage these to help our company and our clients succeed in the year ahead.

A recap of what we learned

In October, we polled our network about employee engagement in a remote work environment. While regular video meetings are valued by organizations as a way to maintain engagement when working remotely, they do not enable leaders to foster and maintain company culture or new hire onboarding.

November’s survey explored culture even further and found that the majority of respondents believe that a positive company culture makes them glad to work at their company. The top factors impacting a positive culture? Management and leadership approach, with a focus on clear communication and feedback.

In December, our survey dove deeper into management. The results showed that a good leader leads by example (29% of responses) and can inspire those around him or her (25% of responses). We also learned that the top areas employees would change about their leadership’s management style would be improved communication (34% of responses), and fair treatment of all employees (31%). For those respondents who have left a company due to leadership, an overwhelming 61% of respondents shared that they would advise their manager to be more focused on employee morale.

Takeaways heading into 2021

Leading by example. Improving communication. Ensuring fairness across the board. These are attributes that leaders struggle to achieve in a normal workplace, let alone among distributed teams in today’s remote work environment.

For many businesses, the majority of employees have not been in the same building as their managers for months. The somewhat isolated and siloed work environment brought on by COVID is one many leaders have never had to navigate before. However, keeping open lines of communication and understanding what employees are looking for and value most in today’s work environment is an impactful place to start.

For leaders and employees to prepare for what 2021 (and potentially a post-COVID world) has in store, two things are certain–they must become comfortable with change and uncertainty and continue to adapt.

 What to expect from CSP

Our ears are to the ground and we remain dialed into the issues facing today’s workplace.

In 2021, we’ll continue to poll our network and you can expect to hear more about the topics that matter. We also plan to communicate our expertise from our leaders on timely issues such as the labor market, hiring processes, trends in our key practice areas, and more.

While we do not know exactly what the future holds, we do know that we will continue to provide guidance backed by experience–enabling employers and candidates to improve their workforce and career and resulting in a better tomorrow.

Bring on 2021!

The Wall

by Johnny Black

For the longest time, I have always been inspired by a good quote. When I heard something that stuck with me I typically wrote it down on a Post-It Note or typed it into my iPhone.

When we started CSP in 2013, I knew I had to find a place to read them daily and so “The Wall” was formed. Today, I have nearly 100 quotes or sayings on my wall. The ones I am most fond of are typically from the people who have influenced me in my career and life. They span from sports figures to successful business leaders to musical artists and of course some originals as well.

I’ve never been a bookworm and as I get older and time gets shorter I realized all I need is 5-10 words to affect me tenfold. Below are some of my favorites from The Wall:

“You have to work hard to be lucky.”

~Umi Sake Fortune Cookie

“To make $1M, you have to have the shot at making $2M.”


“Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream.”

~Hugh Heffner

“Anyone can lead when the plan is working. The BEST lead when the plan falls apart.”

~Matt Doud

“You gotta love living baby. Because dying is a pain in the ass.”

~Frank Sinatra

“Toughness is taking the road less traveled and living by that decision day in and day out, 100% of the time.”

~Lynchburg Lacrosse

“Fear: Best motivator, worst distractor.”


As I reflect on 2020 and life slowing down due to COVID, I’ve appreciated spending time reading my favorite quotes on The Wall. As we look forward to a fresh start in 2021, I leave you with this quote and hope it inspires you.

“Your setback is just a setup for your comeback.”

~Ray Lewis

So next time you hear a motivating quote, shoot me a note and let me add it to #thewall…