Meet the Team – Michael Dos Santos, Search Consultant

Meet Michael Do Santos, Search Consultant – Engineering and Operations Practice

Although he’s resided in Bel Air, MD for much of his life, Michael is a loyal New York Yankees and Giants fan. His family is originally from New York, and his extended family is in Portugal – all of who have made sacrifices for Michael to be able to attend college and pursue a career.

Michael joined CSP in 2022 after spending almost two years in the talent acquisition industry focused on lower-level industrial positions. After gaining recruiting experience and developing connections in the industry at another firm, Michael transitioned to CSP where he would have the opportunity to focus on higher-level positions and build closer relationships with clients and candidates. “CSP is truly a special place that keeps its word on its four core values: communication, commitment, consistency, and integrity. My values and CSP’s core values align perfectly and I feel like I am a part of a family,” said Dos Santos.

A driving factor for Michael is that his role gives him the ability to have such a large and positive impact on people’s lives. “I have recognized in this industry that if you treat people with respect, they will never forget you and the service that you provided to them. I have the opportunity to even impact those who don’t land a job by coaching them and helping them understand how they can further develop themselves so that they will have a better chance of landing a job next time. It’s all very rewarding to me.” 

When Michael is not building a talent pool of Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Project Engineers, and C-level Construction and Labor roles, he spends time coaching a high school-level baseball team and hiking trails in the region with his friends. He hopes to follow in his parent’s footsteps and plant a foundation for himself in the Baltimore area as he looks to purchase a home soon.

Meet the Team – Wilma Brockington-Parker, Consultant and Executive Coach

Meet Wilma Brockington-Parker, Consultant and Executive Coach at CSP.

Native Marylander Wilma Brockington-Parker brings her extensive corporate background in human resources and executive/professional coaching to CSP. Her role encompasses a variety of activities supporting clients including training/development, team building, employee mediation, and coaching. As a certified professional coach, her role helps others grow professionally and personally.  “Each of us has the inherent ability to soar. It’s a matter of identifying what’s important, making a plan, having the right support systems, and finally the courage to make it happen. As a coach, I provide interactions supporting actions to succeed.“

Wilma joined CSP in 2020 to support career transition clients. Partner, Practice Director – Human Resources, Jason Nemoy, saw an opportunity to expand CSP’s client offerings to include executive and professional coaching.  “I marveled at the opportunity to support clients with coaching. I often think about the quote, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I truly live this quote on a daily basis.”

So far, one of Wilma’s most rewarding experiences in her role at CSP has been creating team-building and training activities for various clients resulting in self-discovery, accountability, and results. “I thrive on helping individuals and teams grow and be better.  I enjoy helping others set goals and take steps towards what they’d like differently. Nothing happens overnight. It is a process. It is critical to do the work and trust the process.  I enjoy being a thought partner to help others achieve their goals”.

Outside of supporting CSP clients, Wilma enjoys spending time with her family and friends, writing (she’s authored three books and wrote four short plays), line dancing, beach vacations, and crocheting compassion blankets for breast cancer patients.

Meet the Team – Kay Calivas, Training & Development Consultant

Meet Kay Calivas, Training and Development Consultant at CSP. 

Kay Calivas brings extensive recruitment, management, and training experience to CSP. As a Training and Development Consultant, Kay’s role is unique. “I am a dedicated resource for new recruiters as well as anyone who seeks my assistance. I don’t know of another local firm that has a training and development person on-site.”  

New hires start their CSP journey with Kay, learning all the stages of recruiting. Once new hire training is complete she continues to mentor them, serving as a foundation for new recruiters. “I believe my role reinforces our approach to the business and our core values and I am a resource for the entire firm.” 

Her ties to the firm date back to her time as a financial services recruiter in Baltimore more than two decades ago. It was here she met Rick Fribush.  Kay’s career path then led her to meet Johnny Black and John Geraghty while managing the flagship office for a startup boutique search firm in Baltimore.  Ultimately all three of CSP’s founders reported to Kay at this firm.  “Looking back it’s serendipitous – Johnny, Rick, and John all reported to me at one point. Once the firm changed its business model we all went our separate ways but stayed in touch. I’m so glad we did because I find it so rewarding to be reconnected with them and bring value to their team. It feels like we never skipped a beat.” 

Her most rewarding experience so far in her role at CSP is watching the team grasp the art of recruiting. “I enjoy teaching the team to be consultative in their approach to the business. Seeing their excitement when they complete a search or simply have a good interaction with a client or candidate brings me so much satisfaction.  It’s about building something great where people respect each other, celebrate success, provide support to get through the failures, and most of all, do the business the right way in an industry often prone to skepticism.” 

When Kay is not supporting the development of CSP team members, she enjoys gardening, working out, and spending time with her family in Baltimore County. Returning to Greece and Alaska is on her bucket list, as well as booking a trip to the Olympics. 

Meet the Team – Cassidy Eichelberger, Operations & Marketing Coordinator

Meet Cassidy Eichelberger, Operations and Marketing Coordinator at CSP. 

A Baltimore native, Cassidy spent most of her childhood on the west coast in Oregon before finishing high school in Ocean City, Maryland. Her bicoastal childhood led her to become an avid road tripper, having visited 31 states across the U.S. Her favorite sights include a beautiful farm in Wyoming and Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.  

Despite her bicoastal childhood and travels, Cassidy felt she ultimately belonged back in Baltimore. “I started my professional career with a brief stint at a recruiting firm but left after to pursue a career more tailored to my major,” shared Cassidy. “Eventually, I came across an opportunity with CSP in Baltimore. I’m thrilled to be able to practice marketing while also leveraging my previous recruiting experience. And to top it off, be a part of a company and brand that my values align with; I knew I had finally found the place where I belong.”

Cassidy planted roots in Baltimore, recently becoming a new homeowner in Brewers Hill.  “I appreciate the continued growth I experience here daily,” said Cassidy. “I’m growing my knowledge and marketing expertise and learning from some of the most talented team members in the industry. When I’m not at work, I’m focused on growing a sustainable lifestyle – from tending to my indoor plants to starting a vegetable garden.” Additionally, Cassidy spends her free time finding ways to give back to her community by providing food for those in need, supporting small businesses, and seeking out volunteer opportunities. 

Before starting her recruiting career, Cassidy earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Salisbury University. She worked her way through college with part-time serving jobs and practiced leadership skills by holding multiple positions in her sorority. 

Meet the Team – Rachel Talbot, Search Consultant 

Meet Rachel Talbot, Search Consultant Real Estate & Financial Services Practice

“I am thrilled to be working in a position where I get to support and guide people towards a fulfilling role, and, ultimately steer them to a career they love.” 

For Rachel Talbot, a unique daily routine and CSP’s tight-knit team drew her to her current role at the professional search firm. “No day is ever quite the same at Chesapeake Search Partners. I’m connecting with new people every day, which enables me to continue growing my network while ultimately connecting people with companies that they can help strengthen. I was drawn to the size of the firm and the opportunity to work with a team that values relationships – both internally and externally. It seemed like a much different and welcoming experience than what I saw most of my peers moving toward after college.” 

Rachel has already established a vast professional network in the Baltimore and D.C. metro regions. Born and raised in the Baltimore area, Rachel is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Marketing. ​​Prior to CSP, she supported a major Timonium retail establishment with brand development, marketing, and client relations, She also worked at an online media network where she focused on connecting Baltimore families with local events and businesses. 

Rachel resides in Federal Hill and enjoys experiencing new restaurants throughout the city. Currently, her favorite spots are AJs on Hanover and Blue Agave. Her free time is mostly spent with family on beach trips to Ocean City and traveling to new places like Costa Rica.