Meet the Team – Matt Levin, Senior Search Consultant

Meet Matt Levin. Matt joined the CSP team in May 2021, focusing on the Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Operations division (SMEO). He’s been working in the recruiting business for the past 14 years. The journey started at Aerotek were Matt worked for 6 years in the Manufacturing/Industrial and Professional Services verticals, hitting four annual contests for performance. He then explored the corporate side working in recruiting/talent acquisition leadership roles at Cowan Systems and ClearOne Advantage. Matt brings a perfect mix of fast-paced staffing and in house experience to the team, supporting various industries and business functions.

Matt didn’t know what he wanted to do after graduating college, however, he quickly fell in love with recruiting because it’s a people business and gave him the opportunity to help others find their next, better opportunity. Levin said, “I’m as passionate as they come about building trustworthy relationships and developing genuine partnerships. I love understanding a candidate’s background and learning what the hiring managers skill set requirements are, providing the best experience throughout the process. Ultimately it’s about connecting with good people” Matt is excited to rejoin some of his former colleagues and continually grow the CSP business.

Matt was born and raised in Towson, MD. He lives in the Phoenix/Baldwin area with this wife, Libby, two daughters, Harper and Scarlett, and two dogs Tucker and Stella. When Matt is not working, he is hanging out with family and friends, checking out new restaurants, playing golf, tossing the baseball around, and cheering on his O’s and Ravens!



Meet the Team – Andrew Fanshaw, Search Consultant

Meet Andrew Fanshaw.  Andrew has been in the recruiting space since 2015.  He started his career as an intern for MRIGLOBALSEARCH where he worked for 4 years, primarily as an intern before being hired on full time as Research Associate.  Prior to CSP he worked for Stanton Chase as a Talent Acquisition Specialist working in Executive Search space focusing primarily on Industrial clients.  His entire career has been on the agency side working in the industrial, manufacturing, and consumer goods sectors.

Andrew believes in building strong relationships with candidates and clients to ensure that trust is established early in the process.  Having worked in two different agency environments he believes that he has learned a lot about the search industry and how to provide the best candidate experience while keeping the clients’ needs at the forefront.  He gets the most excitement out of work when he knows that he helped someone find their next great opportunity and helps them advance their career.  He is eager to help the team grow and be a part of the future of CSP.

Andrew grew up in Glyndon, MD and now currently lives in Baltimore, MD.  He graduated from Towson University in 2018 with a degree in Public Relations and Mass Communication.  He currently lives with his fiancé Jessi another Baltimore native and their dog Hank.  When not working you can find him walking hank, golfing, or rooting for the Capitals, Orioles, or Ravens.


Meet CSP’s First Hire – Patrick Fitzgerald

Some would say the first hire for a startup is often the hardest–there is a fair presumption of risk on both sides. Looking back more than six years ago, we’re so glad we took the “risk” of hiring Patrick, our first full-time hire at CSP. And we’re honored he took the leap with us and continues to elevate our company as he takes on the new role of Senior Search Consultant.

Recently we sat down with Patrick to reflect on his time with us and what his vision is for the future of CSP.

What drew you to a position here at CSP? 

I had recently graduated from Towson University with a degree in Communications and completed my collegiate baseball career. With no set job in mind, I was a “free agent” so to speak.

One day in the fall of 2014, John Geraghty reached out to me for a sales position he was recruiting for a friend of his. After learning about the sales role, I realized I was not interested in moving forward with it. However what stuck with me was the connection I had with John–we shared similar interests, and he seemed to really love his new role, working to grow CSP alongside Rick and Johnny.

Soon after, I approached John and asked if they would be open to hiring me, despite me not having any recruitment experience. They invited me in for a shadow day and I got to see what a typical day was like. The passion, the hustle, dedication, and camaraderie drew me in. I was offered the role of a Junior Search Consultant and the rest is history.

What was the process like — training under three founders of a professional search “startup” firm? 

The strategy was to enable me to learn by doing and absorbing everything I could from Rick, John, and Johnny. I would bring a pen and paper with me everywhere, listen to how they talked with candidates and clients, and learn how they built and nourished relationships. Eventually, I was able to start calling candidates myself to help update our contact lists and begin to make connections.

This built up my confidence tremendously. I improved my communication skills and got more comfortable on the phone sparking conversations and relating to people I had not met before.  I was making about 10 new connections a day.  The process came with rejection too but that’s a valuable lesson in and of itself in this business.

When you describe what it’s like to work at CSP to your friends or family, what do you say? 

Chesapeake Search Partners is a professional search firm located in Towson. I was their first full-time employee, and have been there about six years. The work environment is fun and feels like family–the owners truly care about their team. We have a work-hard, play-hard mentality–the owners treat us often to happy hours, lunches, and events. Today, my bosses are some of my closest friends and mentors. I couldn’t be happier.

What does the future have in store for you? 

As a team, we are growing, which is exciting to say after a challenging 2020 due to the pandemic. We are hiring Junior Search Consultants who I will get to oversee. I’m really excited about the opportunity to mentor and manage a new hire.

I will continue to support Rick and John with the growth of the Accounting & Finance practice. I’ve found the more I am involved with the industry, and key companies and talent within it, the better I am at my job. It’s motivating for sure, and I appreciate the ability to focus here in a smaller firm. Similar to my days playing baseball, the more you train and practice, the better you are.

And beyond CSP, I’m excited to get married next year to my fiance.

What advice would you give someone thinking of starting a career in professional search? 

No matter what, if you put in the time and effort, you will be successful.

Prepare yourself mentally for losses. They will happen, but you need to come back the next day ready to move on and win.

Look for a firm that cares about your career and growth. Part of this is reflected in compensation. Ideally, a firm will not make you lean solely on commission. To grow, you will make mistakes and you need to feel comfortable making them and learning from them.

Lastly, look around. Absorb what is working for your team around you. Everyone has their own method that works well for them. Take pieces of what works and make it your own. At CSP we’re a bit of a melting pot of expertise, but we all ladder back to our core values and relationships.


Meet the Team – Cam Shinaberry, Practice Director – Sales, Marketing, Engineering, & Operations

Meet Cameron Shinaberry.  Cam has been in the recruiting and HR space since 2003.  He started his career at Aerotek where he worked for over 7 years, primarily in sales and management.  Prior to joining CSP he led HR, IT, and administrative efforts as a member of the Executive team at Blueprint Robotics.  His entire career has been either on the agency side or corporate side working in the manufacturing & construction sectors.

Cameron believes in building strong relationships and trust with both the customers and the candidates.  Having seen people do it the wrong way he believes in always providing a valued service the right way.  His eagerness to continue to grow the business and move in a positive direction has built a natural sense of urgency.  Internally, it is about treating all your fellow employees equally.  The ability for CSP to grow will depend on our ability to bring talented individuals on-board and assimilate them to the culture and train them to be integral members of the team.

Cameron grew up and now currently lives in Severna Park, MD.  He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting & Information Systems.  He currently lives with his wife Sarah, another Severna Park native and their two children, Cole (10) and Emery (8).  When not working you can find him on his boat on the Severn River or helping to coach his son’s soccer team.


Meet the Team – John Geraghty, Partner, Director of Recruiting Operations

Meet John Geraghty. John, one of the founding members of Chesapeake Search Partners, is entering his 14th year in the Recruiting industry. In 2008 John started with Stephen James Associates doing Accounting & Finance recruiting and he has remained in that vertical his entire career. John co-leads the practice with Rick Fribush and his particular focus is on candidate development and sourcing for our clients while perfecting CSP’s recruiting processes.

John’s approach to the business has always been and will continue to be relationship based. Developing and nurturing strong connections with both clients and candidates has been the key to his and CSP’s success. He has a relentless attitude to keep searching and never settle until the best possible match can be found. “We are not in a volume numbers game. We truly enjoy partnering with our clients and candidates to find the best fit for both parties to ensure successful long-term placements and relationships.”

As a native of Baltimore, John knows how strong relationships and connections are in “Smaltimore”. He is a second-generation Calvert Hall graduate where he played for their championship soccer program. Beyond Baltimore John attended JMU and lived in Italy, Japan, and Hawaii while also travelling internationally to attend Soccer World Cups in Japan, Germany, South Africa, and Brazil. John now resides in Glen Arm with his wife Suzanne and his 3 boys Finn (8), Connor (6), and Jack (1).