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Types of Search

Chesapeake Search Partners focuses on the recruitment of professionals in three ways; Retained Search, Contingent Search, and Contractual Placement. CSP engages with clients up front, reviewing the difference of need and approach on each style of recruiting and the type of search which will lead to the most successful outcome.


Retained Search

Hiring the right talent could arguably be the most important directive of any company. A determinant of a company’s success is often based on the quality and fit of people they hire. This is especially true for the critical roles within the organization that influence other team members and/or clients.

When filling senior-level or highly influential positions, risks are high and adverse hires can be detrimental and costly. These types of situations must be handled with care. By partnering with CSP as a retained search firm, you eliminate significant risk often involved in the hiring process. Our retained searches involve dedicated Search Consultants who meticulously research, develop extensive talent banks, and conduct thorough vetting of candidates.


Contingent Search

CSP continues to support clients as a contingent recruiting partner on a selective basis. This allows a company to utilize a variety of resources to help complete a search while managing the process on their own.


Contractual Placement

CSP handles contractual placement at a variety of levels of employment across all practices. Our typical contractual placement is a minimum of 30 days and can extend to the period of time required by the client. CSP’s contractual placements by each practice include but are not limited to: Accounting Consultant, Interim CFO, Systems Implementation, HR Consultant, Recruiter, Benefits, Administrative Support, Marketing, Property/Facilities Management, Lease Administration and Compliance/Client Support.