Industry Focus

Industry Expertise

Providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry.


Construction professionals are essential for project management, safety compliance, and quality results. CSP specializes in placing experts who ensure successful project execution and operational excellence, supporting your company's growth and reputation.

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Consumer Products

Consumer product industry professionals are vital for product innovation, quality assurance, and market success. CSP specializes in placing experts who drive product excellence and operational efficiency, supporting your company's growth and market reputation.

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Education professionals are key to delivering quality learning experiences and driving institutional success. CSP specializes in placing experts who excel in administration, and curriculum development, supporting your institution's growth and academic reputation.

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Family Office

Professionals in the family office industry are vital for wealth management, estate planning, and personalized financial services. CSP specializes in placing professionals who ensure financial excellence and operational efficiency, supporting your family's legacy and growth.

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Financial Services

Financial services professionals are crucial in managing wealth, providing strategic financial advice, and ensuring regulatory compliance. CSP specializes in placing experts who excel in banking, investment management, insurance, and financial planning, supporting your organization's success and client satisfaction.

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Recruiting skilled professionals with specific expertise in the healthcare industry is crucial for organizational success. At CSP, we specialize in direct recruitment for healthcare organizations, matching your needs with experts in administration, facility management, medical research, and healthcare innovation.

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Recruiting skilled hospitality professionals who excel in management, guest services, and operations is crucial for success. CSP specializes in direct recruitment, matching your needs with experts in hotel management, events, F&B, and customer service.

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Professionals in manufacturing drive operational efficiency and quality. CSP recruits top production, quality control, logistics, and process improvement experts for your organization's success.

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Professionals in the nonprofit sector drive mission-driven impact and operational effectiveness. CSP recruits skilled professionals in nonprofit leadership, grant writing, donor relations, and advocacy for your organization's success.

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Private equity, venture capital, and investment banking professionals play a crucial role in strategic investments and financial success. CSP's network consists of experts in deal sourcing, due diligence, portfolio management, and investor relations, providing your organization with top-tier talent.

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Professional Services

Professional Services specialists drive expert advice and operational excellence. CSP recruits top consulting, legal services, accounting, and project management professionals to ensure your organization's success.

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Real Estate

Real estate professionals are essential for property management and investment success. CSP's network of development, brokerage, asset management, and investment professionals provides access to top experts in your area.

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Startups thrive on innovation and operational agility. CSP connects you with skilled entrepreneurs, product developers, market analysts, and venture capital experts, ensuring access to the expertise essential for your startup's growth and success.

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Technology and SaaS professionals are crucial for innovation and operational success. CSP's network includes top experts in software development, product management, cloud solutions, and customer success, ensuring clients have access to industry-leading talent.

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