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Tips for writing a winning resume
You’re basically selling yourself on that piece of paper, so mold the information to reflect what your potential employer is looking for in an ideal job candidate. This is different depending on your industry.
Tips for Improving your LinkedIn Profile

While LinkedIn can be an effective networking tool, it’s no easy task to distinguish yourself from the half a billion other users who are also trying to stand out. But just a few small improvements can have a big impact.

Tips for Gathering References

So you’ve got your resume just the way you want it. And you’re prepared for your phone and face-to-face interviews. But what about your references?

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Job Seekers

Social media, including sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, can help you find a job and connect with people who can assist you with growing your career. However, it works both ways. Social media, when used the wrong way, can backfire and jeopardize a job offer or even your current job. It’s important to be careful and consider what you should do on social media to aid your job search… as well as some bad habits that are best avoided.

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